LENS – Idea Acceleration Program

Our program LENS is focused on capacity building for Idea Acceleration that can find and accelerate ideas and projects for universities, organizations and companies. Expanding on Startup Methodology that has been used for the past 15 years to accelerate and scale business ideas, we use Creative Thinking Methodology to accelerate socially relevant ideas. We look at research, processes and assets to find the seeds of amazing ideas that when put through our process and methodology can be scaled in new innovative ways.


Example: Universities have traditionally been great at educating students and doing research but weak at disemintating that research. In a world where ideas are scarce relevant research will be discovered.

But we live in a new world. Now the very nature of ideas, the way they live and flow has changed. In this new digital information age where ideas run like water its not enough to write a research paper and then leave the idea dissemination to someone else. In this new world it is now the responsibility, and an opportunity, for universities, professors and students to also think about how to bring those ideas to life and give them resonance in an endless sea of information.