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David Usher • Founder/Creative Director, Artist, best selling author, keynote speaker.and activist visit
Gillian Nycum • Director of Strategic Initiatives
Paul Simard • Advisor, Principal Director, Faculty of Arts and Science, Concordia University
Dr. Damon Matthews • Climate Scientist, co-creator Climate Clock, Associate Professor and Concordia University Research Chair
Emilie Champagne • Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives, Faculty of Arts and Science, Concordia University
Dan Robichaud • Advisor/Donor
Jonathan Glencross • Strategy
Emmanuel Sévigny • Playmind Creative Studio, co-creator Climate Clock
Julie Sylvain •  Project Director, The Rising Seas, Autodesk
Jonathan Gallivan • Developer, Gallivan Media

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Concordia University Faculty of Arts and Science visit
Dan Robichaud Foundation visit
Autodesk, Inc. visit

Climate Clock

David Usher
Gillian Nycum • 
Director of Strategic Initiatives, Human Impact Lab
Dr. Damon Matthews • Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Planning and Environment and Concordia University Research Chair (Climate Science and Sustainability)
Emmanuel Sévigny • Playmind Creative Studio
Dr. Carmela Cucuzzella • Associate Professor, Design and Computation Arts, Concordia University Research Chair Integrated Design, Ecology and Sustainability for the Built Environment)
Mr Prem Sooriyakumar  Knowledge Broker, Concordia University
Playmind Creative Studio specializes in the conception, realization and development of digital media; combining strategic analysis with design to build rapid prototyping using new technologies.
Paul Simard • Principal Director, Faculty of Arts and Science, Concordia University
David Oram • Advancement and Coordination Officer, Future Earth
Jean-Patrick Toussaint • Ph.D. Chief, Scientific Projects, David Suzuki Foundation
Audrey Dépault • National Manager, Climate Reality Project Canada
Marcus Peters • Concordia Student
Programmers: Jonathan Gallivan, Waseem Hasan and Adam Davies.

Support Organizations:
David Suzuki Foundation
Future Earth
Climate Reality Project Canada

Patrick Watson – The Great Escape
David Usher – Prelude (Acoustic)
Fred St-Gelais

Cloudid Media
Sabrina Reeves

The Rising Seas

David Usher
Gillian Nycum • Human Impact Lab
And the amazing group of volunteers at Autodesk
Julie Sylvain, Project Director
Anda Li, Software Engineer
Bruno Landry, Product Owner
Camille Martin, Software Developer
Clint Lewis, Product Designer
Dan Matlack, Product Support Specialist
David Ménard, Software Engineer
Francis Hurteau, Software Developer
Francois Cardin, Graphic Designer
Ian Hooper, Principal Interaction Designer
Kristin Dalzell, Learning Content Manager
Marie-Claude Jutras, QA Analyst
Louis Marcoux, Application Specialist
Patrice Vignola, Software Developer
Sylvain Lavoie, Senior QA Analyst
Tracey Houston, Senior Content Developer

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